Our vision:
Imagine that you have trained staff satisfied with their duties after a reasonable and successful training program.

It is like paraphrasing the vision of Bill Gates, the founder of the Microsoft Corporation, when he said:
A personal computer on every desk, and every computer running Microsoft software”, ...
Thus, an ideal future for AISDE is to see every young European becoming a happy and satisfied student, and every student becoming a firm professional at the peak of their potential.
AISDE was founded to become a contact point between Italian, European, and non-European students and instructors. We believe that the establishment of contacts between educational needs and offers of education institutions and universities that are able to meet these needs is a driving force of the basic social and economic development for Italy and Europe.
AISDE wishes to become a reference point for a true European culture, multi-faceted and multicultural.


AISDE strives to raise the quality of training and professional skills of Italian and European students and instructors.
Our mission consists in uniting individual educational needs with the offers from education institutions and universities that are capable of assuming the task of providing increasingly prioritized education without borders.
Through our network and experience in the whole Europe, we help students and instructors to select a first-class personal, professional and cultural path.
The AISDE’s objective is to assist its members in bureaucratic and logistic problems thanks to its competence, zeal and passion.

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