Arad: “Aurel Vlaicu” University in Romania

“Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad in Romania is an excellent public academic community accredited and recognized by ARACIS. This Romanian higher education institution has taken the mission of promoting the best practices in the field of educational and cultural skills and competences based on innovative knowledge, continuous education, and intercultural communication.


The RAQAHE assessment system has accredited “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad in Romania with the High Reliability status. With respect to education and R&D, the university operates in the spirit of knowledge-oriented European ideals; it develops and promotes its strategies in the context of local, regional, national, and international scientific community. “Aurel Vlaicu” University in Arad preserved precious traditions of Romanian education and at the same time adjusts itself to the educational standards provided for by the Bologna Declaration (June 1999), the Berlin Conference (2003) and the Bergen Conference (2005).

The international relations in the field of university curricula and research projects at “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad in Romania, unforgettable student experience, and the reliability of the university diploma open the way for full-fledged professional life in Romania and abroad.

The University has 9 faculties (with 44 diploma specializations, 24 Master’s degree specializations and 2 post-graduate programs), 12 departments and 15,394 students, 477 faculty members, an area of over 45,516 sq.m., courses, workshops, classrooms, computer laboratories with cutting-edge technologies. The University rector is Professor Ramona Lile, Ph.D. The curricula for all faculties have been linked to ECTS since 1999; therefore, the obtained education documents are recognized in the entire territory of the European Union.

Courses on offer

Below are courses offered by “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad in Romania. The University has 3 training cycles depending on the selected program:

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The University has 3 training cycles depending on the selected program:

  1. Cycle I: Diploma (38 programs)
  2. Cycle II: Specialized diploma (29 programs)
  3. Cycle III: Doctorate (two areas of research)


FACULTYField of studiesSpecializationCredits
Faculty of DesignVisual and Decorative Arts, DesignDesign180
Fashion and Fashion Design180
Faculty of Physical Education and SportPhysical Education and SportPhysical Education and Sport180
Faculty of EngineeringIndustrial EngineeringManufacturing Engineering240
Welding Engineering240
Technology and Textile Design240
Technology of Knitwear and Clothing240
Engineering MachinesAutomotive240
Engineering TechnologyRail Vehicles240
System EngineeringAutomation and Applied Informatics240
Engineering and ManagementEconomic Engineering for Industry240
Faculty of Food Engineering, Tourism and Environmental ProtectionBiotechnologyBiotechnology for Food240
Chemical EngineeringTextile Chemical Technology240
Food EngineeringFood Engineering240
Control and Food Expertise240
Environmental EngineeringBiotechnology and Environmental System Engineering240
Engineering and ManagementEngineering and Management in Public Food and Agrotourism240
Faculty of TheologyTheologyOrthodox Pastoral Theology240
Orthodox Theology – Teaching180
Orthodox Theology and Social Assistance180
Faculty of Educational Sciences, Psychology and Social SciencesSocial AssistanceSocial Assistance180
Pedagogy for School and Preschool180
Faculty of Economic SciencesFinanceFinance and Banking – NL/DL180
Business AdministrationEconomy of Trade, Tourism and Services – NL / DL180
AccountingAccounting and Management Informatics – NL / DL180
Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic InformaticsEconomic Informatics180
Faculty of Exact SciencesMathematicsComputer Mathematics180
InformaticsInformatics – NL / DL180
Faculty of Humanities and Social SciencesLanguage and LiteratureRomanian Language and Literature – English Language and Literature180
TheologyDidactic Pentecostal Theology180
Administrative SciencesPublic Administration180
Community Police180
Communication SciencesJournalism180


Faculty of EngineeringAdvance Modernization of Railway Vehicles90
Control and Textile Expertise120
Industrial Production Systems120
Automation and Intelligent Systems120
Faculty of Food Engineering, Tourism and Environmental ProtectionFood Quality Management120
Food and Environmental Engineering120
Applied Biotechnology120
Quality Control and Environmental Assessment120
Faculty of TheologySystematic Theology120
Practical Theology120
Language of Theological Studies120
Faculty of Educational Sciences, Psychology and Social Sciences Interactive Pedagogy120
Social Assistance Services120
Educational Policy120
Faculty of Economic SciencesFinancing and Management in Public Administration120
Public Budget, Financial Markets and Banks120
Financing and Management in Social Welfare Institutions120
Strategies and Policies in Management120
Information Systems Management120
Business Administration in Trade, Tourism120
Faculty of Exact SciencesApplied Informatics in Science, Technology and Economy120

Post-graduate programs


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