The University of Bucharest in Romania is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Romania; it was founded by Decree No. 765 of 4/16 July 1864 and is an extension of the Royal Academy established in 1694.


Thanks to its 150 years of existence, the institution has great authority both at the national and at the international level.

Many of the graduates of the State University of Bucharest in Romania have become leading players on the national and global scene as parliamentarians, ministers, writers, diplomats, etc.

The 2007 survey of the famous Times Higher Education Supplement ranked the institution among the world’s top 500 universities.

The University of Bucharest in Romania offers a number of educational programs at all academic levels: 84 higher education courses, 18 distance learning courses, 170 Master’s degree programs, over 50 post-graduate programs, various retraining and further training programs.

All diplomas awarded by the University of Bucharest in Romania are recognized in most countries of the world. The curricula of the University of Bucharest in Romania are organized in cooperation with the most prestigious European and world’s universities. The graduates of these programs obtain diplomas at the University of Bucharest and at partner universities.

The University of Bucharest in Romania is one of the leading research and development centres in the country.

The University includes more than 50 institutes, departments and research centres, most of which cooperate with their foreign counterparts. The scientific findings are of great significance; last year contract projects (around one hundred international agreements) amounted to 30 mln lei and involved 354 professors, 294 Ph.D. supervisors, 287 researcher and 3,377 post-graduate students.

In recent years, the organization has ranked the first in the national contest of research funds. Some of research units have reached the highest status at the European level. The University has its research facilities in Sinaia, Braila, Orsoca and other cities.

The State University of Bucharest is well integrated in the stable international cooperation network: it has concluded 300 bilateral cooperation agreements with universities in 52 countries. Every year over 1000 students from the University of Bucharest follow a wide range of curricula or specialized training options at the universities in Western Europe, the United States of America, Canada, Japan, etc.

The University of Bucharest has taken significant steps to reform and develop Romanian higher education. Its example has been followed by other universities in the country, which resulted in the development of national laws and regulations. In 2000, the Ministry of Education of Romania (www.edu.ro) awarded the State University of Bucharest with the Certificate of Excellence.

The State University of Bucharest in Romania has joined the higher education standardization program provided for by the Bologna Declaration (June 1999): it has introduced study programs compliant with European teaching, thus creating criteria for the promotion of world-renowned academic achievements.

Course on offer

Education offered by the State University of Bucharest in Romania is undoubtedly the flagship of the Romanian academia.

Available course:

  • Management and Business
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • Geology and Geophysics
  • History
  • Journalism and Communication
  • Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Philology
  • Mathematics and Informatics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Theology


The State University of Bucharest in the international context

The development of international cooperation and active participation in the scientific community is an important strategical component of the State University of Bucharest.

The main aspects within its international activity are inter-university and inter-regional cooperation in the area of teaching and scientific research and participation in European and international programs such as Socrates, Tempus, Copernicus, Ceepus, Tempra, Phare, and Tacis.

With respect to bilateral cooperation, there are agreements with universities from all over the world ensuring the exchange of academic staff, researchers and students for practical trainings, support courses, and conferences, as well as joint R&D projects and exchange of publications.

With regard to the Erasmus (Socrates) program, there are agreements with 150 European universities allowing both students and faculty members to implement joint projects, take intensive courses and develop thematic networks in the area of interest. As of now, 26 foreign professors teach at the State University of Bucharest in Romani. Besides, many professors have been invited abroad to deliver courses and conferences for scientific training courses and academic collaboration. Many faculty members report at international conferences.

The University is a member of European and international organizations, such as the European University Association (EUA), the Francophone University Association (AUPELF-UREF), the Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe (UNICA), and the South East European University Network.

It should also be noted that the University of Bucharest has established contacts with governmental and non-governmental organizations in different countries: DAAD, IREX, USIA, foundations of Humboldt, Volkswagen, Fulbright, and Sasakawa. Summer courses in Romanian Language and Culture are organized each year in Sinaia attracting a large number of students from all over the world.

The State University of Bucharest in Romania has granted four post-graduate scholarships for international students since 2011. The University of Bucharest in Romania is an institution with a strong international calling; it promotes and develops relations between Romania and other countries of the European Union and the whole world.

Web-site: http://www.unibuc.ro/

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