Diploma recognition

riconoscimento titoli

Free circulation of ideas, skills and expertise and mobility of people within the European area have always been the AISDE’s ideological impulse. These values underlay its creation.

We believe that this geographical mobility of expertise is the driving force required for the development of entire Europe.

We also think that the sharing of ideas and convergence of various worldviews is the most fruitful ground for subsequent economic revolution.

With excellent professional training, educated and having a valid document recognized in a different state, they want to transfer their activities to other countries.

We know how important it is to provide assistance to this category of specialists so our Association has developed a series of services to help our members have their educational documents recognized in different countries.

AISDE offers all information in different fields and supports its members in all the procedures required. We can offer our services both in health care and medicine, and in other fields such as legal, consultative and technical professions.