Stockholm University

Stockholm University (Stockholms universitet) is one of the largest educational institutions in Sweden. Training 39,000 students and employing over 4600 staff members (as of 2007), this public school is one of the biggest activity centres in the city. Many world-renowned scholars have worked there. There are four areas of study: Science Academic, Law, Humanities, and Social Sciences.


Year of foundation – 1878. First, there were public conferences in natural sciences. The tradition has been preserved, and the conference is hold annually nowadays.

It should be noted that Stockholm University was the first European university to appoint a woman, Sofia Kovalevskaya, a mathematician (also a writer and a feminism activist) to hold a chair (1889). It became a publicly recognized institution in 1904.

It was officially awarded the status of a university in 1960, becoming the fourth university in Sweden. It was then situated in the city centre (Observatorielunden district), but it was moved to larger facilities due to its constant growth.

Starting from 1970, most of the university activity was transferred to Frescati [2] [3], a district with big parks in the northern suburbs of Stockholm, and districts visited and inhabited by students, such as Lappis.


  • Science Academic
  • Law
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences

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