University of Craiova: Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy

Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at the University of Craiova in Romania is an educational institution placing priority on the academic component and scientific research.

Courses on offer:

  • Diploma in Medicine
  • Diploma in Dentistry
  • Diploma in Pharmacy
  • Diploma in Nursing and Obstetrics


The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Craiova in Romania was founded in 1970.

The educational institution opened its doors to 101 first-year medical students on October 01, 1970. In 1976, the first group of doctors graduated from the faculty. The dentistry course was launched in 1990.

The pharmacy course was created in 1996

Mission of the faculty:

According to the Strategic Plan of Institutional Development, the mission of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova can be summarized as follows:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical training in compliance with national and European requirements;
  • Continuous training of medical and pharmaceutical specialists through post-graduate education;
  • Encouragement and support of biomedical scientific research as the institution’s core activity;
  • Provision of medical services by academic community members;
  • Methodological orientation with respect to promotion and support of public health care and scientific research;
  • Development of interactive educational events;
  • Promotion of Romanian higher education in general and medicine in particular, especially at the global level.

Raqahe certification

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova was assessed by the Romanian Institutional Agency for the Assurance of Higher Education Quality (RAQAHE). The assessment was carried out by a group of RAQAHE experts and covered three courses (Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy), research facilities, and the performance of the academic staff, students and administrative staff. As a result of the assessment, the institute obtained a high credit of trust and reliability.

International relations

International cooperation is considered by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Romania as the key factor contributing to education quality and institutional transparency and opening up broad opportunities for the professional development of all members of the university community.

On joining the Bologna process, the University reviewed its curricula and introduced the ECTS system emulating the successful example of European academic curricula.

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova in Romania pursues an open policy with respect to international students promoting equal opportunities without any social, ethnical, or religious discrimination.

Faculty of Medicine: Overview

The Faculty of Medicine in Craiova is a politically autonomous institution and has a clear-cut division of academic and administrative functions. Its advantages include competitive environment and modern equipment; its role is recognized at the global level.

The mission of the Faculty of Medicine is in line with the objective of the university, namely to develop both the medical education and scientific research.

The faculty staff includes 300 instructors working at 15 departments in 77 disciplines. The program in Medicine lasts 6 years and envisages 360 credits. The academic year is divided into two semesters, 15 weeks each; 30 credits can be obtained each semester. The students’ knowledge is assessed based on written and oral examinations. Upon completion of the 6-year program, the graduates can continue their education by choosing one of the specialties offered at the faculty.

Faculty of Dentistry

Dentistry specialization has become part of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova in 1990. The training lasts 6 years and envisages 360 credits.

Objectives of the faculty:

  • Acquisition of knowledge about the latest tendencies and methods of dental disease treatment;
  • Familiarization with the basics of dentistry and scientific research in the field;
  • Acquisition of moral qualities and professional ethics;
  • Development of teamwork skills;

Creation and continuous improvement of student-instructor relations with a view to moulding specialists aimed at acquiring cutting-edge knowledge in medicine and dentistry.

Faculty of Pharmacy

In 1996, the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova launched the Pharmacy course. The University focuses both on the didactic component and on scientific research. 2 specialties are available:

  • Diploma in Pharmacy: 5-year program, 300 credits;
  • Pharmacist assistant: 3-year program, 180 credits. The Master’s degree offered at the faculty is called Pharmacology and Toxicology – it lasts 1 year and envisages 60 credits. Upon completion of the course, the graduates can choose from various employment alternatives: state-funded pharmacy employees, representatives of pharmaceutical companies, researchers in pharmacy.

Faculty of Nursing and Obstetrics

The Faculty of Nursing and Obstetrics (FMAM) was established by Decision of the Government No. 635/11.06.2008. It is the youngest program at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova. In 2012, it was one of four faculties of its kind in Romania (FMAM at Gr.T.Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Iasi, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, and Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj).

The Faculty of Nursing and Obstetrics in Craiova was established in conformance with the recommendations of the European Union on field-specific specializations for obstetricians and nurses.

The program for nurses and obstetricians lasts for 4 years; the program in physiotherapy and assistant dentist lasts for 3 years.

The objective of the School of Nursing and Obstetrics is to train specialists in specific fields of nursing and obstetrics who will be capable of upholding public health within the country and the entire territory of the European community and will know and apply concrete methods of care; to train qualified staff in the field of research enabling them to increase the level of professional knowledge, skills, medical equipment and communication; to teach the youth to save lives and to protect the health. These disciplines are in conformity with the national qualification frameworks and the EU programs.

The first group of students graduated from the Faculty of Nursing and Obstetrics in 2007-2008. In 2009, a Master’s degree in Services for the Development of Nursing Community was created. It enables nurses to carry out systematic research, to continue studies at the doctorate level, and to take part in the teaching process at the faculty.

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