University of Malta

Situated in Msida, the University of Malta (Maltese L-Università ta' Malta, Latin Universitas Melitensis). It is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.[1]


The University traces its origins to the Collegium Melitense founded by the Order of the Jesuits in 1592 [1] when Malta was a vassal of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Grand Master Manuel Pinto de Fonseca bought the college in 1769 raising it to the level of a university and entrusting its management in 1771 to Roberto Costaguti, an Italian theologian and a brother of the Order of Friar Servants of Mary, who drew up the first University constitutions.

During the Napoleon occupation, which began in 1798, the University was called the Polytechnic School (École Polytechnique). The former name was restored with the advent of the Brits in 1800. In 1938, the University was awarded the status of Royal from King George VI and became The Royal University of Malta. The adjective was removed in 1974 when Malta became a republic.

The instruction was in Italian before 1936, only in English between 1936 and 1964, and in English and Maltese after 1964. A course in Italian studies is available at the University now.

The old university is in St. Paul Street in Valletta, and today it is located in University Ring Road in Msida; the medical school is in the former building of St. Luke’s Hospital in Gwardamangia, a district of Pieta.


  • Faculty of Arts (Fakultà tal-Arti)
  • Faculty for the Built Environment(Fakultà tal-Ambjent mibni)
  • Faculty of Dental Surgery (Fakultà tad-Dentistrija)
  • Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy(Fakultà tal-Ekonomija, Management u Accountancy)
  • Faculty of Education (Fakultà tal-Edukazzjoni)
  • Faculty of Engineering (Fakultà tal-Inġinerija)
  • Faculty of Laws (Fakultà tal-Liġi)
  • Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (Fakultà tal-Mediċina u l-Kirurġija)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences (Fakultà tax-Xjenzi tas-sahha)
  • Faculty of Science (Fakultà tax-Xjenza)
  • Faculty of Theology (Fakultà tat-Teoloġija)
  • Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (Fakultà tat-Teknoloġija tal-Informatika u l-Komunikazzjoni)
  • Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences (Fakultà tal-Midja u tax-xjenzi tal-Għerf)


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